I traveled up to Newport again to get more information for my project and to look at sources. What I got was something more than I could of expected, which was an interview with Marylou McGuire. Marylou McGuire coauthored and printed a book called Newport New Hampshire in Time and Place. It’s an extensive book that covers all of Newport’s history and includes a section about Finnish Houses. What’s more, is that Marylou McGuire sent extensive amounts of scanned photographs for the project that I will share with the class. These photographs show that there were many pictures taken of the Finns, but sadly most could not be identified. There seemed to have been days where a photographer was in town, and every Finn in town would get their photo taken. Two photos seem to suggest that, as both of them have the same pine tree in the background. Sadly we do not know the names of most of the people in the photographs, nor when the photos were taken. However they still provide insight into what the Finns looked like, and provides great portraits.