I will once again be travelling to Newport for the third time. While I have familiarity with the sources I have, there are more sources up there that will contribute greatly to this project.  I also have a lot of photographs that will serve as great visual guides for the rest of the project. In addition, these photographs will also serve as a great collage of photographs. What I plan on doing before I go up to Newport is uploading all of the photographs that I have to the website.  If Mary-Lou McGuire is available when I am up in town that day, I would like to get the remaining photographs scanned. I’ll go through the collage on the website to the photos I have that way photos aren’t scanned twice. If she is not available on Friday that is okay, because there are still loads of sources that I have only glanced over. These sources will provide more information about The Finn Hall, the Finnish Boarding Houses, and the Finnish cuisine. Also this weekend I plan on updating and adding in as much information to the project website as I can, and hopefully some timelines.