So I was able to go to Newport last Thursday and gather more research for the project. I just have one more trip to do this Friday and then I should be done travelling up there and back. I learned a lot about what came before the Finnish arrival and more information about the Finns itself. I now feel like I have just about everything I need to  complete this project, the only problem now is finding the time to upload all of the information I have to the project website. Some of it will probably not be included, but I want to add as much as possible to the story of Newport’s immigration aspect or at least one part of it. As I learned last Thursday, there was also a Greek and Polish community at one point in time in Newport, but sadly Kerrin and I do not have time to explore those communities.

Goals for Next Tuesday 11/21/17

Complete all first draft information on the Finns before Newport.

Complete all first draft information on the political, family, and working life of the Finns in Newport.

Start the section on Finnish cultural History.

I’ve a lot to do between now and next week, but I think it can be done if I set my mind to it.