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Kerrin McTernan is currently a senior at Keene State College where she focuses on her passions through the study of Secondary Education and American Studies. She believes the construction of knowledge relies on interdisciplinary and intersectional analysis and she seeks to express her skills and the skills of others in creative, communicative, and collaborative ways. As a COPLAC student Kerrin is invested in the idea of developing outward-facing digital research regarding local history for the purpose of empowering civil discourse and a sense of community wherever she can. While she enjoys her frantically busy lifestyle, you may find Kerrin escaping society through skiing, mountain biking, coffee guzzling, or hanging out with her dog, Biggie.

For further information send an email to kangamcd@yahoo.com


Patrick Driscoll was born and raised in New Hampshire. He’s currently a senior at Keene State College, and he is double majoring in History and American Studies. He has spent his college career at Keene State working on a variety of projects, one of which was on a little known Civil Rights Activist who was arrested in the early 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi, whose name was the Reverend Crocker. The name of that project was called “The Reverend Crocker Project” and it can be found here. This is the second time he has worked on a WordPress project, but the first time he has worked directly with a partner. Kerrin and Patrick are exploring Finnish migration and immigration in the New Hampshire area, and they plan on exploring everything about that subject that they can obtain from the Keene State Archives, and the Cheshire Historical Society, both of which are located in Keene, New Hampshire.

For further information send an email to patrick.driscoll96@gmail.com


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