There are many photographs that are available that show what some of these Finnish people actually looked like in the form of portraits, and also surviving photographs that are not portraits tend to be about the Finnish Hall, and other points of interest in Newport related to the Finns. Interestingly enough, Finns rarely took pictures of their children, or if they did they are not part of Richards Free Library’s collection in Newport. The photographs of children tend to only focus on them when they are toddlers or babies, but until they are in roughly their late teens or older,  photographs of kids are extremely rare. One of the few that do exist is the current background photograph for the website. One reason might because of the lack of available cameras, as they were much more expensive in the 1920’s and the 1930’s. This is also probably why photographs of Newport relating to the Finns tend to mostly focus on the Finnish Hall, although there is at least one photograph of a dam and swimming pool the Finns built. These photographs provide excellent visuals, and most photographs that survive are in great condition.

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