Project Contract Keene State College

Project Goals

  • This project aims to explore the Finnish Migration and immigration into New Hampshire.
  • The focus will be on towns from Newport, New Hampshire to Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
  • The goal is to explore the individuals who lived in already established communities and how they impacted the towns and farms they lived in/on.


  • Another goal is to see if the Finns still live in the towns they first arrived to in the 1880’s, and if their not where did they end up?


  • If we find out they went to other towns and communities outside of New Hampshire and Fitchburg, Massachusetts it will not be the focus of our project but we will mention it.


Tools to be Used


  • Storymap is a tool that we plan to use to map out the communities the Finns lived in. Storymap will also be used to help locate geographically where these Finnish communities were/are on the map.


  • We plan on using extensive pages to by town, that way any visitor to the website can see where these families are from.


Goals for Kerrin and Patrick


  • By next Friday on September 29th Kerrin and Patrick plan on having read most of Ollie’s book The Finns in Newport, New Hampshire        


  • We also plan to on September 29th visit Newport, New Hampshire to see what we can find in the town, and also to get photos of the town.


  •  We plan on adding all of this information to our project website on  October 2nd.


Schedule of Milestones


  • September 21st: Read half of Ollie Turpienen’s book The Finns in Newport, New Hampshire


  • September 28th: Finish Ollie Turpienen’s book


  •  October 5th: Have the Newport, New Hampshire page on the project website up and running and about half of the information we have on Newport available on the site.


  • October 12th: Have the Newport, New Hampshire page completed. Kerrin and Patrick naturally expect more editing to do at this point, but the page will be completed with only minor adjustments at this point.


  • October 19th: Start the Fitchburg, Massachusetts page and find sources related to Finnish Immigration and Migration in that community.


  • October 26th: Have half the Fitchburg, Massachusetts page completed.


  • November 2nd: Have the Fitchburg, Massachusetts page completed.


  • November 9th: Create a Storymap page with all the towns we have run into in researching this project. Have about half that completed by this date.


  • November 16th: Finish the Storymap page.


  • November 23rd: Start to put the final touches on the project website.


  • November 30th: Complete the project.


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