Project Site Development pII.

As we continue to chip away at our project, Patrick and I are discovering the excitement of sharing new information on digital platforms and we are making more connections between our research information and the goals we have in sharing the Finnish story. Although the history of the Finns in America is largely untold, I did happen upon one man who has been searching for remnant of Finnish log cabins in Idaho and even in our local area, the Monadnock Region. This was exciting to me because there is someone else who is passionate about telling the story of the Finns. I discovered that log cabins were one of the large contributions made by the Finns. Digging Deeper, I found that this man was in the process of creating a book on the Finns in America, expected to be published in 2018. I reached out to him via LinkedIn and to my surprise I got a response in quick time. We are currently emailing back and forth about our projects! How exciting.

On another note, I am beginning to have lots of fun in the development of our project site. I find pleasure in creating user-friendly digital tools, especially keeping in mind that I hope for younger generations to be able to navigate these types of sites in order to discover the different ways they can use technology to support their learning. That being said, I am still struggling to brainstorm the best way to make lesson plans to make learning about the Finns worthwhile. Nonetheless, I am confident that the lesson plans will be a great addition to our project and a great way to put my skills to use.

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