Although I still have plenty of work to dedicate to our site, I am genuinely beginning to feel like we are going to create something that I can be very proud of. Frank Eld, a fellow researcher of the Finns who we are going to have a meeting with on Saturday, has viewed our work and he commented that he was very impressed with the site. It was very rewarding to hear that from someone who has written and is in the process of writing books about the Finns. Furthermore, he has stated that he is impressed with our choice to make visible the history of the Finns in Newport, New Hampshire even though we are not Finnish. For me, this was a really important comment because I strongly believe that it is important to engage with the cultures that exist around you and in your world.  That is exactly the purpose of this project, to open our minds to what might be right next to us but that we have yet to really see. During our meeting with Frank on Saturday I expect the conversation about each other’s research to be enriching for all who are involved.

I have really enjoyed the journey through this COPLAC class and my specific project on the Finns. Nonetheless, these next few weeks, while vigorous, might be what I am truly most excited for. I genuinely enjoy watching our project come to life with purpose. I feel like we are expressing our skills in a creative, communicative, and collaborative way and like I have said before, these are the things that make me proud to be a historian and an educator.

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