“Frontiers… where cultures come together, clash, collide, and cooperate leaving an enduring mark on the culture”

Dr. Leland Turner


Stevens County, Minnesota
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In this project, “Toward a Better Land: Migration on the Minnesota Prairie,” Joy Stephansen and Amy Schmidgall explore how the past migration of the Apostolic Christian believers parallels to the current influx of Mexican migration to Stevens County. The Apostolic Church community has uniquely shaped the history, culture, and development of Stevens County and played an important, yet overlooked, role in current migration patterns. By showcasing the migration story of the Apostolic and Mexican communities in Stevens County, we will examine the similarities existing between past and present migration histories as well as their respective contributions. The goal of this project is to bring greater understanding, respect, and empathy to all different types of migration as well as build a appreciation for the unique tapestry of people and cultures in Stevens County.

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