Patterns of Migration

In order to understand migration and the patterns that were consequently produced by the constant movement from one place to another, identification of the places is key in regards to establishing a pattern of migration for the Wichita Indians.
This map essentially illustrates a simple form of identifying not only the three major states that were home to the Wichita Indians, but additionally includes the major cities that they frequently migrated to. This interactive tool enables a physical view of the Wichita Indians migration across the Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas borders. Enlarging the map enables larger version of the map to be viewed in a new, separate tab.

Color of MarkerMeaning of Marker
Red State
Green Migration Trail

Key to Navigate MapDescription
Clicking on Red MarkerBy clicking on the red markers, you will be able to view the description of the state, and its importance in relation to the Wichita Indians.
Clicking on Blue MarkerBy clicking on the blue markers, you will be directed to a city that the Wichita Indians once occupied.
Clicking on Green MarkerBy clicking on the green marker, you will be able to view the migration pattern that was created by the Wichita Indians over time.
Two Fingers on the MapBy using two of your fingers, you can zoom in and out of the map by creating a pinching motion on the screen. This enables a closer or farther view on the map depending on your preference.
Left Hand Marker Located on the header of the map, the left hand marker creates a drop down menu when selected that shows an itemized list of every location that has been identified on the map.
Drop Down BoxLocated inside the "Left Hand Marker" feature, this drop down menu provides a list of states and cities that are present on the map. It additionally provides a short description of the map.

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