Where do I go from here?

— End of Week Three —

First, I’ve gotten better at writing my citations in Chicago format, although I will still try to fix it here and there so bare with me… this is after all a first draft, so I am confident that this will be so much better off in the next days / weeks to come.

Second, nevertheless, I did my best to do some more digging in our local library and online for sources. And have found myself incredibly FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF. *sighs dramatically* You would not believe what incredible source I found online, an entire archive of all old Newspaper articles and things of the matter for Wichita Falls. These include PRIMARY sources and information about our Native American groups, and it’s literally perfect.

Third, something I would like to consider when it comes to our topic (Native Americans: Forced Migration in Wichita Falls {could be name of project?…}) is the concept of Forced Migration, and the patterns in which these groups (Comanche, Kiowa, Wichita, etc.) found themselves here in the Wichita County Community. This was a term that was introduced or essentially used to remind us all in class by Dr. Dunn on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017.

So let me set some goals for the next week, the fourth week. 

  1. I really want things to go a lot smoother in the next few weeks; I’d like to visit the Wichita County Archives downtown next week (will schedule appointment)
  2. Additionally, I think we should interview Dr. Everett W. Kindig (one of our History Professors here at Midwestern) and see what information he may be able to help us with. He is a well published historian, and an expert on so much historical information about Wichita Falls in general.
  3. Also, I’d like to finish reading the books from the Special Collections Room here in our Library on campus; I am limited in access since I must view them in the room with the Librarian present, but she is flexible and willing to help so we shall see!
  4. AND OF COURSE. Get my hands on those newspapers; that’s GOLDEN information on first hand interpretations of the climate for the Native Americans / Indians in the WF Community.

We shall see how things go, and what changes have been made or will be uncovered. I plan on sticking to this topic, Native Americans in Wichita Falls (TX), and do not plan on giving up. I have the weekend coming up before me to offer some time to catch up and clear our minds, so I wish the best of luck to all the other students in our class!

Until next time, Maria.

Annotated Bibliography – work in progress.

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