Understanding Copyright Issues, and what this means for me.

— Beginning of week Six —


I think one of the things I have never considered up until this point was the concept of copyright issues in regards to our project. It’s somewhat often left unspoken, and never truly addressed in conversation unless it is something you sit down to think about and how it will affect you. Whether or not citations are necessary for something as simple as a blog is definitely a question we must ask ourselves during this project. If I for one quote or am talking about a book or article that I am using for my research project, I should (and have been trying to remember to do) cite the source in the blog post itself. So if something as simple as that needs to be done when citing others work  that is verbal or written, how do we go about citing images? Or more importantly, how do we protect our work on our partnership website in order to ensure that in the future we are cited as well?

A very neat tool that we are encouraged to use in order to establish a safe platform that protects our work is called Fair Use and Creative Commons. A fellow colleague from Keene State College (New Hampshire) did a great job on her blog post this week; here Kerrin explains step by step how to use these tools and what it can do in order to assist us in the process of creating our project sites. I will definitely look into this, and hopefully get it up and running so that my work is “protected” as well. One can easily tie in the strained relationship in academia between the academic sphere and plagiarism; we must be careful when claiming work as our own, and always keep in mind we must cite others work. This definitely includes media such as images.

Please feel free to take a look at our digital COPLAC contract, which I have taken the time to perfect it from its initial form and includes a formal research proposal as well.

Here you will find our working thesis: “The Native American group known as the Wichita Indians suffered through immense forced migration during the 19th and 20th century due to Anglo – American influences in Northern Texas; hence the lack of current representation in places such as Wichita Falls, Texas.”

Until next time, Maria.

Link to MWSU Project Site – partnership.

Annotated Bibliography – a work in progress.

Rough Draft of the COPLAC contract.

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  1. Yes Maria, you can never be too careful when citing sources. And yes, you are creating a new contribution to knowledge that should be cited by others. You may even add a link that addresses “How to cite this source”

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