Advances in our project: where I am as of today.

— Beginning of week Seven —

This week we have been tasked with creating an interactive map or timeline in order to help our readers and audience see what exactly our project is targeted towards, and what we hope to accomplish with the information we provide. Ultimately, the purpose of the timeline I am providing today is to help establish a historical context of where the Wichita Indians have been located over time. The pattern and sense of migration I am attempting to connect together is intended to place this group of Native Americans in each respective location they have been found in across all U.S. territories. This will allow the readers to understand how they ended up in Wichita Falls, Texas after some time, and begin explaining the legacy they left behind in regards to landmarks, cities, geographical locations and much more being named after them. Of course the attempt to track migration of a specific group of people needs to include the derivatives and different names that were once used in reference of the”Wichita Indians” at any point in time. This proposes a challenge as a researcher; we must be able to point out and target the groups that are all or were once considered as the a part of the larger Wichita Indian population.

As you navigate through the map, you will note different bands or parts of the tribes that were located in several locations in the United States over a long period of time. Maybe at some point we can establish a migration pattern aside from the obvious to me as a researcher: they fled most places due to being ran out or conflicts within other groups of people that directly affected them in times of crisis or war.

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