Cultural Crossroads, Updated Contract

— Beginning of week Nine —

The following is an updated version of the contract; this project is no longer a partnership, rather an individual interdisciplinary project of one student at Midwestern State University, Texas.


  1. Project Description
  2. Tools to be Utilized
  3. Work to be Completed by Team Members
  4. Schedule of Milestones
  5. Full Research Proposal

Project Description

The purpose of this research project is designed to consider the historical significance and influence American Indian Tribes had on the Northern Frontier of Texas. The main goal of this project is to track the migration patterns of the Wichita Indians within the historical context of Wichita Falls. It will consider their initial habitation, forced migrations and their continued influence on regional culture even after their departure.

Tools to be Utilized

Throughout the entirety of this project, multiple social media platforms will be utilized in order to keep up with the progress of the work being done such as:

  1. Twitter
  2. WordPress

In addition  to these platforms, various tools will be utilized to map and track the process of migration in order to present the information in a neat, clean, and interactive manner using programs such as:

    • Story Map JS
    • Timeline JS

Furthermore, Google Docs will be utilized in order to have a constantly updated Bibliography. This resource can be found through the link provided:


Lastly, the secondary and primary resources to be utilized in this project to provide the research and archival components of this project would be through the following:

  1. Primary Resources – articles, texts, newspapers.
  2. Secondary Resources – articles, texts, newspaper, interviews.
  3. Digital Resources – documentaries, short films, etc.

Work to be Completed

    • Regional Establishment and History: Maria
      • An overview of Native American settlement within and early influences upon the Texoma region, with specific focus on the 18th and mid-19th centuries
    • Patterns of Forced Migrations: Maria
      • The movement of Native American people in response to outside pressures of Anglo – American settlement, including relegation to reservations in Texas and Oklahoma
    • Significance of the Northern Frontier: Maria
      • In regards to the establishment of the Northern Frontier within the State of Texas in the late 18th and early 19th century, an understanding of the Anglo American settlement on the land in the Texoma Region and consequent forced migration on behalf of the Native American Indians occurred is crucial.
    • Detailed history of the Wichita Indians migration over all. Maria
      • By providing a Story Map JS with detailed information about the migration pattern seen by the Wichita Indians, we ensure that the reader has a historical context to follow in regards to this project.
    • Website Design: Home, About, and Bibliographic pages, and any other support pages we deem necessary: Maria
      • Title of Pages, information on pages, works cited, footnotes, etc.
    • Final Draft of Contract: Maria
    • As presented on Google Docs, as well as the working project site.

Schedule of Milestones

    • 19 Sept: COPLAC Contract Rough Draft
    • 22 Sept: Project Site Design Established
    • 26 Sept: COPLAC Contract Rough Draft – 2nd review
    • 30 Sept: Timeline and StoryMap developed
    • 3 Oct: First Timeline JS and StoryMap JS [Syll.]
    • 18 Oct: Final StoryMap JS
    • 22 Oct: Contract Final Draft [Syll.]
    • 31 Oct: Establish Website Structure and Storyboard Completion
    • 31 Oct: Bibliography Review
    • 7 Nov: Peer Review of Website Pages
    • 11 Nov: Website Rough Draft [Syll.]
    • 30 Nov: Final Presentations [Syll.]
    • 11 Dec: Website Final Draft [Syll.]


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