Website Design: Technical Difficulties

— Beginning of week Ten —

Who knew website designing could, and WOULD be so difficult? It had never truly crossed my mind nor did I ever consider how much work was necessary in order to create a digital project of this magnitude. Doing this project alone has been difficult; I know for a fact I would be able to accomplish twice the amount of work in less time if I had a partner for this project. Every little detail of our websites must flow and mesh well together effortlessly, and since this project is meant to produce an education portion for other individuals to view at their leisure in a way that is not only interesting but meaningful, I can surely feel the pressure piling on slowly.

This week I have the task to completing a rough draft of what my websites design is going to look like. Considering the dimensions of the story-maps I am utilizing, as well as the sizes of the tables I would like to insert into the pages, I need to pick a theme that will allow the proper addition of these tools without stretching them out or making them too difficult to maneuver. So far, I have not found a design that I actually like; most of the themes that are available to us currently are not what I am looking for — which on that note, I am not quite sure what exactly I am expecting in a theme, but when I find it I will know. I’ve done some perusing in the general web results of WordPress and hope to find a theme that best fits my needs. A lot of the more modern themes require a lot of time to actually set up; I’ve spent a good 3 hours tweaking one theme called Foreverwood and am not able to set up the pages or fonts to fit the sizes of the maps, tables, or Storymap JS at all. So for now I will continue to look for a theme that will allow me to add the tools I have created for the website.

Until next time, Maria.

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