Backbone: rough draft of website update

— Beginning of week Eleven —

This week we have been given the task to present a rough draft of what our overall website is going to look like for our project. Since last week, I’ve made some progress and finished the final quirks for the website design portion overall, and can now focus on the bigger task at hand: getting the information onto the site.

This within itself is an incredibly tedious task; every independent page presented on our site has to have meaning, and sufficient information. I think that this of course helps narrow down our research, and forces us to get to the point. So far I’ve come up with a few “topic” or titles for the pages I plan on constructing such as:

  1.  Home Page
    • Welcome Message
    • Header Image?
  2. The Wichita Indians
    • Basic Information about who they were
    • Maybe some customs?
    • Images of course
  3. Identification of Forced Migration
    • Storymap JS will go here
    • Information about the map
  4. Significance of Northern Frontier
    • What obstacles (if any) did the frontier present?
    • It’s significance in reference to the Wichita will be stated here
  5. How the Project Came to Be
    • About author page
    • Also, the contract will be here

Of course I plan on having subpages within these main pages, so that it is neat and compiles the information section by section depending on the topic or what I would like to share. I have finished what I’d like to call the skeleton of the website, which helps lay out a foundation of the required work to come. As the month of November approaches, I can definitely feel my nerves come towards the surface of my existence; this project would definitely be a lot easier and so much more could be accomplished if I had a partner like the rest of the “teams” in the course. It feels as if I am at a disadvantage, and it’s quite unfair to be completely honest. But nevertheless, I do feel like significant progress has been made on my end, although it’s taking me twice as long as it should.  We shall see how this goes. Wish me luck.

Until next time, Maria.

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