Breakout Sessions: Critique on Classmates Website

— End of week Eleven —

For today’s assignment, we have been tasked to critique our classmates websites, and let them know what we liked or didn’t like about their site. Of course we must be constructive, and I know I personally appreciate criticism since it will help make my site better. I will attach links to their websites, for the Keene State Team and the MCLA Team, so that it is accessible for perusal.

Keene State

The Keene State Team consist of two students, Patrick and Kernan, whom both have shared with us a project that details the Finnish History in Newport. I personally think it is quite fascinating and appreciate the extensive archival work they have both done. They have both done projects with COPLAC before, so I definitely think that this has given them an edge to the project in which they can apply their experience to make this project successful.

  • Website Design
    • I really like the overall presentation that is given within their website. It is a clean, get to the point kind of site, and I especially appreciate the “next page” buttons at the bottom of each individual page. It can really come in handy when doing presentation overall, and enables an easier accessibility to the website’s content.
  • Photographs
    • I love the page and subpages that are specifically dedicated to pictures. Although I think a gallery version of this feature using FooBox will make it less cluttered, I do think that the extensive amount of photographs helps illustrate the projects importance overall.
  • Material
    • Each page within itself has a lot of information, maps, and interactive material. I am interested in viewing the curriculum for the classroom, since I believe this will be an incredible tool for future students to use!

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