Time’s slipping through my fingers.

— Beginning of week Fourteen —

As we approach the final week of this course before we present, I can feel time slip through my fingers ever so slowly. Today in class we were assigned our time to present; I present on Thursday, November 30 at 3:30pm (4:40EST). I am very grateful to present towards the end of the week, since it gives me time to keep making final changes and finish adding the information I need for my site to be complete.

As I had hoped, I met with Lean last week on Friday, and received more images that I hope to share on the site. I have also created more tools for the map, some as simple as keys for the tools I am going to be using. I will share them below; this key will specifically be used on the page where I will have the Storymap JS published.

Key to Navigate MapDescription
Beginning of MapLocated on the left hand corner of the map, selecting this feature will redirect you to the first page of the Storymap presentation.
Map OverviewLocated on the left hand corner of the map, selecting this feature will redirect you to an outstretched view of the entire map provided.
Marker SelectionBy clicking on the green marker, you will be able to view the migration pattern that was created by the Wichita Indians over time.
Storymap ArrowLocated in the middle of the right hand side of the map, selecting this feature will enable the story feature of the map, and take you page by page of the presentation in order.
Two Fingers on the MapBy using two of your fingers, you can zoom in and out of the map by creating a pinching motion on the screen. This enables a closer or farther view on the map depending on your preference.

Final recommendations for the site have been given to me during class today, and I am to visit with Dr. Turner a week from now on Monday, November 27 to discuss the end result of my project. This means I have to work really hard during the Thanksgiving break to finish not only editing the website design, bibliography, tables and maps, but as well as finish adding the information I need for the website to have legible content. So far I’ve gotten a few things down on the website, and I have successfully caught up with my blog site as well! I feel rather accomplished in this sense although I do feel like I’m running out of time.  I remain optimistic and look forward to this productive week.

Until next time, Maria.

Please feel free to take a look at the digital COPLAC contract, which I have taken the time to perfect it from its initial form and includes a formal research proposal as well.

Here you will find my working thesis: “The Native American group known as the Wichita Indians suffered through immense forced migration during the 19th and 20th century due to Anglo – American influences in Northern Texas; hence the lack of current representation in places such as Wichita Falls, Texas.”

Until next time, Maria.

Link to MWSU Project Site.


COPLAC Contract.

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