Project Presentations: Part One, Observations

— Beginning of week Fifteen —

Today we started class promptly at 3:00 (4:00pm EST); Dr. Dunn gave a small introduction explaining the course, and briefly explained the purpose of today’s meeting.

This week we will all be presenting our work to COPLAC, and anyone else who would like to view the presentation. The purpose of this is to showcase our work, and share what we have been doing throughout the semester. Each team from the universities that have taken a part of this course will have about 15 minutes to present, and 5 minutes for questions and answers. It’s important to stay on top of our time so we don’t run too late, or take up someone else’s time since we only have 3:00 – 4:15 to get through 3 presentations today and 3 on Thursday (Nov. 30).

As I have stated in my previous post, I present on Thursday; I’m somewhat nervous, especially after seeing how well everyone did today.  Of course everyone has their flaws; some of the teams ran too long and others ran too short, but in the end it all worked itself out and everyone did an awesome job. I really like how each team gave each member the opportunity to speak, and explain what the project meant for them individually. These types of projects really exemplify the meaning of scholarship, and I truly believe that they all did an excellent job in that regard.

With these presentations, the significance behind it is greater than simply showcasing our work to others; it additionally prepares us for the end of the course. This presentation, and the one that I am to give on Thursday, is essentially the climax of our journey together. This is what we have all been working towards; creating a site based off of the extensive amount of research that we have done, and presenting it. Afterall, this course and this project is digitally based.

I personally still have to do a run through of my presentation tomorrow (Wed. 29 @ 6:30) with Dr. Dunn and practice the flow and overall verbal component of the presentation I am to give. I have finished the script that I am utilizing for Thursday; this is one of the requirements we need before presenting. I will share an excerpt of it here and post the final draft of it on Thursday.

Until next time, Maria.

Please feel free to take a look at the digital COPLAC contract, which I have taken the time to perfect it from its initial form and includes a formal research proposal as well.

Here you will find my working thesis: “The Native American group known as the Wichita Indians suffered through immense forced migration during the 19th and 20th century due to Anglo – American influences in Northern Texas; hence the lack of current representation in places such as Wichita Falls, Texas.”

Until next time, Maria.

Link to MWSU Project Site.


COPLAC Contract.

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