It is a good feeling when you are at a point in a project where you feel organized and purposeful in your work. Joy and I spent time this week story-boarding and finalizing our plan for our website, Toward a Better Land: Migration on the Minnesota Prairie.  We are going reveal the stories of Apostolic and Mexican migration a bit non-traditionally using Prezi presentations.    Both Joy and I like a clean,  organized look and we feel that by using Prezi our readers will not get lost in word and be more engaged.  It will be exciting to see it all come together.  After we decided on how we were going to visually present our project, we worked together to finalize our project contract.  I think that I can speak for the both of us in that, having firm due dates and clear steps in the project lowers anxiety.   Creating project contracts with your professor or even just for yourself is an excellent way to set goals and see how attainable those goal are in a specific time frame.  A copy of our final contract can be found on this blog under or the heading “Project Contract” or by clicking on the hyperlink.