It is interesting how things change. Take our website for example. What we started out imagining is not what it is turning out to be. Some of it is compromise, some is technology, and some is direction and purpose. This week we decided to not do the Prezi. I worked on bringing color, texture, and interest to the project by adding pictures and after I was finished with that, I went back to the Prezi and realized that what was created within the web pages was much better. Also, I noticed that the Prezi created a significant delay in launching the main menu. So, instead of a Prezi, we decided that the main menu will be used as our “thesis” page and the sub menus will prove our thesis. I feel like this ideas is much cleaner and organized. I also played with the menus a bit more. I noticed that the drop-down menus off the main menu were also causing delays and even preventing the main page from coming up. When I got rid of the drop-downs, the problem when away. Now the sub menus will only exist on the left sidebar, this looks much cleaner. I also added sub menu hotlinks within the page. I have a problem with a lot of scrolling so this provides an alternative to users like myself. One can simply click on the section they want to see OR just scroll down the page – it’s a win/win. Other than adding content, one of the bigger tasks that I need to finish on my pages is fixing the citations. We combined pages and in doing so the citations got out of control. For me this will be a matter of printing the pages and highlighting what goes with what. The thing that I’m most confused about is citing pictures. As of right now I have the URL saved for the pictures until I understand what it is that I need to do.

It still feels rough, but it’s coming along!