Resources and Research Part I

Amy and I  have taken major steps to exploring Stevens County resources and through the University as well as the community, we have ran into many sources! Who knew that there was so much about such a small community? Originally we didn’t even know where to begin but knew that we wanted to make an impact on the people that have been and are currently here.

We have a large variety of archival resources at UMM and even more at the Stevens County Historical Society. There is also more information at the Minnesota Historical Society that I am excited to explore when back in the Twin Cities. Probably most important to our current research, are the primary sources available through the Apostolic community in Stevens County. Amy even called me after she discovered that a Church historian will be visiting Morris to talk about the history of the Apostolic Church. Amy even has a book that he has published!

Along with a meeting with the Church historian, we will also be having more meetings with the Director or Archives at the university and the historians at the Historical society. We have talked about using our connections within our community to contact and form stronger ties with potential resources! I love learning from individuals who have been around Morris and Stevens County for a long time and I am very grateful that Amy and her family have a rich history here. Between the two of us we have connections in the community, the school, the churches, and even in the Twin Cities. We have been reaching out to more and more people while also doing research online through our archives. There is most definitely a lot of information and I am excited to dive deeper in order to better understand and better represent our community!

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