Our Moment

As I have mentioned on a previous page, my partner, Amy and I are focusing in on Stevens County. This small western county of Minnesota is made up of multiple towns and townships. Morris, the county seat on the eastern edge of the county, is where a University of Minnesota campus can be found. Due to the university, there is a huge demographic of young adults throughout the school year and there is a sizable portion of the area that works on campus. The campus, however, is very separate from the community of Morris and the surrounding area.

For this research. Amy and I want to examine Stevens County and explore ideas of migration and community from outside of the college block. That being said, we are fully aware that the rich history, abundant resources, and invested faculty that the campus provides will be vital to us.

In order to influence the greatest change and best represent Stevens County, our goal is to relate the contemporary migration story of the Latino population in the area and the influential apostolic community that has been present since the inception of Stevens County as a community. Many apostolic families have stayed in Stevens County and much of the industry is a result of their settlement. The increasing Latino population, however, is often seen as a direct correlation to these industries. We will be coming the settlement of the apostolic community and the migration patterns of Latinos in Stevens county in order to draw some conclusions on how similar and/or different their experiences have been. Stevens County, although in what some may describe as the middle of no where, is full of history, culture, and people that deserve to be brought to light and examined.

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