November Update

I believe the site is coming along swimmingly! Amy and I have decided to diversify our site with more photos and graphics in lieu of using Prezi. This is a current decision that we may be willing to change, but feel pretty confident about. We’ve been looking through new sources to use while discussing the comparative page on Mexican and Apostolic social institutions and culture. I think we’re a little concered about adding content because 1) it isn’t thoroughly edited 2) we don’t have as much as we thought 3) we’re both basically perfectionists.
Amy also reconfigured our drop down menus which make them exactly how I like them! Very thankful to be able to collaborate with someone who is more technically advanced and detail oriented than I am. Overall this project is coming together and I am excited!
(When hasn’t a blog ended in that?)

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  1. Nice convergence happening here — discoveries galore as well. Let me know if you are wondering about any of the nuances of immigration policy.

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