Web Content.. Coming in HOT!!

Amy and I have been spending a good amount of time writing. A great amount of time, actually. We are working on this project as well as our personal senior seminars, so it seems like we have done little but write lately… BUT its glorious process.

We actually just came up with a new process! When Amy tries to write, it often takes her longer to form sentences that she thing fully embody what exactly it is she is trying to say. While I, on the other hand, am pretty good about spitballing ideas in my writing, and prefer to edit later on. Together, Amy can talk through all of her ideas with me while I type out sentences! Then she reviews the content and we decide if there is anything we don’t like or have questions about. We did this for a couple short hours over pizza (pausing every few pieces for a little chat) and ended up with some good content progress on the site. We are excited that we’ve finally hit a groove!! We are looking forward to collaborating and hearing opinions from the other girls (and Professor Dunn) in our breakout session and are planning on keeping this ball rolling this week.

Future outlook:

  • We need to finish up just one or two more sections of content and get it up on the site.
  • We’re looking for more photos and ways to connect the site content better.
  • Thanksgiving break might be hard for us, because I will be in the Twin Cities and Amy will be here in Morris, but I am confident that we will have enough done by the end of this week to really be able to make adjustments at a distance.

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  1. The collaboration that you’re describing is pretty exciting indeed. Looking forward to digging into the project site.

    I am exploring possible Zoom solutions to holiday collaboration — stay tuned.

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