The Project

My partner, Amy and I are doing research through an online course at UNC Asheville that explores migration and community in a new light. So, as we are representing Stevens County, we have been thinking about how we can make an impact and relate our contemporary migration story and the influence people have on Morris and the surrounding area to the inception of Stevens County as a community.

The topics that we will explore in both the Apostolic and Latino research are:

  • General History
  • Process of Migration
  • Culture- which includes but is not limited to
    • Language
    • Family and Gender Roles
    • Religion
    • Work
    • Industry and Work Ethic
    • Finances.
  • Institutional Culture- which includes but is not limited to
    • Community Involvement
    • Government Involvement
    • Rhetoric
    • Education
    • Assimilation

We have compiled a list of research questions to guide us as we review primary and secondary source as well act a drafted list for any oral histories that we may pursue.

Amy and I are excited to pursue this research with the support of the University of North Carolina Asheville, the University of Minnesota in Morris, and the community of Stevens County.