This week time has been tight for both of us, but Kristen is a godsend of a partner and has done some amazing work. I have tried my best this week to explore some online databases and archives and have found some letters and reports from the National Parks Services, but the bulk of the sources on our Primary Source Bibliography have been found by Kristen this week. As we try to figure out how to do a hanging indent in Google Docs (YouTube videos have been surprisingly unhelpful) we have put together a document with some sources that we will add to as we find more. That document can be found at this link. Neither of us knew if both bibliographies were supposed to be in the same document so we kept them separate. Our secondary source bibliography can be found at this link.

Next week I hope to reach out to the National Parks Service as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway Museum curator, Jackie Holt. Heather South at the Western Regional Archives told us that Jackie may be able to help us get our hands on some information. I also want to see if we can start going to the Parkway Visitor Center to talk to visitors to the Parkway. However, there is a hurricane heading towards North Carolina so we will see how that affects the Parkway as far as closures go.