Jolley, Harley. ‘That Magnificent Army of Youth and Peace’ The Civilian Conservation Corps in
North Carolina, 1933-1942. Raleigh: North Carolina Office of Archives and History, 2007.

This book is about exactly what the title says, the Civilian Conservation Corps in North Carolina. With a bounty of primary sources in the form of photos and graphs, the author goes into detail about specific camps and the demographics within the camps. Although our project is focused specifically on the Blue Ridge Parkway this sources is more broad. There is so much information about the fights to bring the CCC to North Carolina.

For us, this source goes over the role of the one and only Parkway CCC camp in North Carolina. It gives stories from folks who lived and worked at the camp and details about events that happened at the camp. What I found to be fascinating is that the Parkway had 4 designated camps but only one was in North Carolina. That one camp was located in Laurel Springs which is in the northern most county affected by the Parkway in this state.

Also this week I advanced our map, but I ran into a road block. Word of warning: Google My Maps only lets you have 10 layers. I say only as if any sane person would need more than 10 layers. But clearly I am no sane person. So my plan to have directions being how I distinguish the sections of the Parkway is not going to work out. Instead I’ve decided to do directions from one end of the Parkway to the other.  This might not make sense to read, but I promise it  will make sense when you see it (hopefully). Unfortunately, it’s not done just yet because of yet another road block. The directions don’t follow the Parkway exclusively? It’s also difficult to adjust it to be the Parkway. So small road blocks that frustrate me enough to not be able to do it all in one sitting.

So here’s what I’ve got so far, I hope you enjoy!