UNCA Class of 2018 (hopefully)

Mile Marker 9

Having posted a rough draft of our site is liberating. It’s great to have the notes to go back to and check off as we make the recommended adjustments. Research is still happening on my end when it comes to the Tourism page and the role of Conservationists on the Parkway. Jackie is back in the office and I look forward to going to get photos that are already digitized from her in order to update the map. The map is moving along, I have an idea for how to draw lines on the map and I’m going to change the background map when I’m finished so that it shows the topography more than the current one.


Everything is moving along nicely and we’re getting into a nice pace (at least I think we are). We’re hoping to be together for the final presentation so fingers crossed that can happen. That’s all for now, just the same old chugging along!

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  1. Alvis Dunn

    Really interested in the mapping work that you are doing and the modifications that you have planned.

    Chug on!

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