These are short videos that introduce the people interviewed for the project. More content information can be found on the next page, “In their own words.”

Full, unedited transcripts of each interview can be found by clicking on the interviewee’s name or under the “Transcripts” page.

Joel is an immigrant from the DR Congo who came to Kirksville via the Diversity Visa Lottery in 2015. He is a recent graduate of The Language Company and hopes to pursue a degree in theology. [1:51]

Dr. Sally Cook is a Linguistics professor at Truman State University, specializing in Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. In 2014, Dr. Cook realized that the public schools needed assistance in learning how to serve the new immigrant community. Therefore, she spent her sabbatical visiting the DR Congo to experience classrooms firsthand. [3:00]

Ashley Young has served as the Assistant City Manager of Kirksville since 2014. He recently organized the first community meeting to discuss how Kirksville can best serve the Congolese community. [1:51] 

Megan is the president of United Speakers, a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the ESL community in Northeast Missouri by offering no-cost English lessons, interpreting services, and school-based tutoring. She also has experience volunteering in the public schools for ESL services. [1:43] 



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