To ensure transparency, I felt it sensible to add an about page to describe exactly what this blog is about.

My name is Kristen. I am a senior history major at the University of North Carolina- Asheville and due to graduate this December…so long as my thesis passes, that is. As part of my final semester, I am taking Cultural Crossroads, a COPLAC supported course concerned with digital history. This class requires pairs of students–my partner’s name is Liz–from different universities across the U.S. to tell the story of a group of migrants in our locale through archival research and  the support of secondary sources. The end result will be a website created to tell this story digitally. Blogging about our progress twice a week is another requirement, as well as twice-weekly Tweets (feel free to follow me on Twitter @KristenWalden).

Through this blog you can follow my progress, cheer along with me for my successes, and sympathize–hopefully you will sympathize–with my temporary setbacks. In the end we hope to present you with a beautiful, polished, informative, and interesting website where you can learn about a particular piece of Western North Carolina history! History is, after all, a beautiful and fascinating thing.