It is the closing of the semester, and a bitter sweet feeling, Alex and I have sprinkled the finishing touches onto our website, “Moment in Migration, Congolese Community in Kirksville, MO.” Over the winter break, we will be giving ourselves a much-needed reprieve from school.

However, COPLAC Cultural Crossroads class has been such a worthwhile endeavor, that we will say <<À bientôt>>, or “see you soon” instead of <<Au dieu>>, or a permanent goodbye. Alex and I would like to continue building our website as a community tool next semester. We plan on collecting more interviews, both in English and in French. Something that we have learned from this process is that building something amazing is a community effort. In the future, we also hope to involve one of the French translation classes in building a French version of our website in order to increase its audience range.

We look forward to improving and updating our website next semester. Until then, see you soon.