Let’s get down to business: finding resources in our community.

— End of Week Two —

As the end of the second week of our class comes to a close, I would like to take the time to reflect on how things have been going for me as I get closer to a centralized topic. At first, as most of my classmates may or may not remember, and you as a reader may not be aware of yet, I considered venturing into two different topics and see how we felt about it for the research project. Here in Wichita Falls, we of course have so many groups of people who we could study; opportunities to determine the patterns of migration that have either changed recently or even decades ago. We have the ability to take advantage of our Sheppard’s Air Force Base, the Midwestern State University Community, the Oil Industry, and much much more.

I have selected a topic and group of “migrants” (since the point of this project is to track and research a groups migration) for this semester! I want to see where the research and resources in Wichita Falls takes us with the Comanche. Midwestern State (the institution I attend) provides a huge amount of resources for me to use such as archives, documents, memorabilia, photographs, special collections, and so much more in the Moffett Library on campus. I have set an appointment successfully with Cortny Bates, the Special Collections / Associate University Librarian this upcoming Friday, September 1st at 10:00pm in the special collections room. This of course is an excellent resource for me to have access to since we know they have so much information available at hand.

I additionally have done some research and reviewed some local Museums that we think may provide additional information about the Comanche as well such as the Wichita County Archives.

Of course I plan on using articles and documents I find, such as a very interesting one I found about the Comanche in Texas in general (I will provide a link) that details how the Indian reservations were handled here in Texas.

All in all, I am very excited to get the ball rolling! I look forward to sharing more of our findings in class, and with all on this blog, and see where the research takes me.

Until next time, Maria.

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