So due to me not feeling well, I did not go to Newport Friday. I will be going this Friday no matter what to get so more research on the culture of the Finns. I know a lot about what came before, and what it was like for the first and second generation to live in Newport, but I only know about their political history and that they worked in mills. I need to upload all the information I already have, my bibliography, and some timelines. I still have unanswered questions. What was it like to work in the mills every day, what was it like to not speak English for the first generation, and what was there culture like? There are even more questions I have that sadly I will most likely not find answers to. Significant progress has been made on uploading all of the portraits of the Finns that I have discovered on my various trips up to Newport. I did not get as far as I would like, so I’ll have to keep uploading them on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will be working on uploading the rest of the photos and Wednesday, and Thursday I hope to make significant progress on Newport before the Finns arrived to the area. It’s not as much as I would like to have done for Tuesday, but it is progress. By the time we meet for class Thursday there will be a lot more updates coming to the website. This coming week I plan on devoting all of my free time to working on the project.