Project Site Development

As we chip away at our project site and research we continue to discover dates that reveal information regarding the Finns in Newport. In some aspects of our site we will synthesize the information to tell a story based on the facts and figures that we believe to be useful. However, it is our hope to provide a history of the Finns in Newport that is as complete as possible. Therefore, we want to create a timeline to document almost all of the dates we have discovered that reveal the story of Finnish immigration. To do this we are creating an incredibly vast timeline. Through the timeline we will tell a detailed story of the Finns in Newport and provide information that might otherwise have no good reason to be documented. We believe it is important to give the public this information so that visitors to the site can find what is useful or interesting to them and have a variety of information to review and discover from.

Creating the timeline is somewhat tedious given the amount of dates that we have compiled thus far, but it is also helpful for us to synthesize our findings, especially given the fact that we have a vast array of resources that we have used throughout our project of developing a more in depth history of the Finns in Newport. Also, the timeline will likely be a useful tool for students and teachers who may use the lesson plans/ educational content provided on our project site. Integrating proper media into the timeline is the next challenge, and I have yet to decide if it is necessary at all to incorporate images and outside links besides citations as I believe it may take away from the clarity of the timeline, which is already going to be heavy with information.

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