“Cultural Crossroads: Migration and Community Transformation” was taught in the Fall semester of 2017 by Dr. Leland Turner of Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, Texas) and Dr. Alvis Dunn of the University of North Carolina Asheville. Students from six COPLAC campuses participated in the course. We would like to extend our appreciation to Dr. Jeff McClurken and Dr. Ellen Pearson who led the COPLACDigital Initiative. Very special thanks go out to Leah Tams who provided technical, content, and emotional support far beyond the call of duty throughout the semester. 

Course Site for “Cultural Crossroads: Migration and Community Transformation”http://xroads.coplacdigital.org/course/cultural-crossroads-migration-and-community-transformation/

Link to Student Projects: http://xroads.coplacdigital.org/course/project-sites/

Link to Student Individual WordPress Sites: http://xroads.coplacdigital.org/course/class-wordpress-sites/

Link to Course Syllabus: http://xroads.coplacdigital.org/course/syllabus/



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