I have shamelessly ignored my blog for the past couple weeks as I have engrossed myself in our project website.  I have been chided a number of time by my dear partner to put my computer down and go to bed.  There have been nights I’ve sat up until 1:30 in morning learning and testing WordPress.  It doesn’t matter how tired I am before I start, as soon as I hit our WordPress site, I can’t stop.  I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to learn about this tool and I look forward to applying all my knowledge to create an amazing website for the nonprofit I volunteer for.

In addition to exploring WordPress, we have also been creating Prezi presentations to go into our website.  This is a really exciting and fun way to display our information.  We are giving users the option to take the tradition route and use menus to navigate the information or they can play the presentation under each main title.    We feel that having both options will not only keep our readers interested but also it protects us from future changes in software and technology.  If Prezi should ever cease, users will still be able to access all the information through the menu system.

Joy and I are slowing but surely building content behind the scenes to insert into our website.  Since I have pretty much finalized our site design, it is now a matter of just plug and play.  It is exiting to see it all coming together!