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Coincidence or Calling?

Over the weekend I spent a fair amount time gathering information to help create a contract for our team project.   And as research goes, one thing led to another and I found myself watching, for the first time, the promotional video for this course.   As I was watching the 3+ minute video of Dr. Dunn and Dr. Turner explaining the over all course objective, I was struck by a comment made by Dr. Turner.   He said, “Frontier: where cultures come together… clash, collide, and cooperate — leaving an enduring mark on the culture.”   As I contemplated his statement, I remembered a  Facebook post from that day of a couple wishing their “amigos” a “Happy Mexican Day of Independence.”   What was special and important to me about the FaceBook post was that the couple who posted are not only part of the Apostolic church ministry but also members of the family who was, and continues to be,  involved in the hiring of Mexican immigrants.

What a great example of what Dr. Dunn was talking about!  “A frontier… Where cultures (German Apostolic and Mexican) clashcollide (sometimes they do) cooperate , but most importantly,  COME TOGETHER!”

Was seeing both these things on the same day a coincidence or a calling?


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  1. Amy Schmidgall

    Excellent Joy! Findings/Realizations like this get me pumped about this project even more!

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